Evaluate: MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader

Evaluate: MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader

One of the progressive products I’ve seen at the SHOT Show is the MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 magazine loader, which may load rounds right into a magazine virtually as quick as you may fire your AR.

As a high-quantity shooter, I'll say that towards the end of the capturing day my thumbs begin to harm from all the reloading. And when I've a fresh batch of mags to load before vary day, I've come down with numb-thumb. All of this may be prevented with the Mag-Pump. This $389 loader simply masses your magazines with just a flick of a lever, all with out even worrying about which means the rounds are facing.

Match, Finish, Really feel, Features, and Capabilities
The Mag-Pump is way from cheap, however it does deliver high-quality fit and end, and is made utilizing metal, billet aluminum, and Delrin components. Your entire unit may be absolutely disassembled via quick-launch pins and slipped into a standard .50-caliber ammo can.

The main three parts of the Mag Pump are the hopper, the loader, and the base plate. For use, just insert a magazine, fill the hopper with ammo, and begin actuating the loading lever. You’ll want the rounds to be lined up contained in the hopper (see pictures under), but you don’t have to worry which way they’re facing - the speed loader for ar15 correctly positions every spherical for loading no matter which means it’s pointing.

I discovered it really straightforward to empty boxes of ammo into the hopper and begin loading. With every cycle of the lever on the side of the loader, one round is loaded into your magazine… and the Mag Pump "is aware of" when the magazine is full and stops making an attempt to load rounds into it. The user feels a distinction within the cycling and might then swap out the magazine.

That is an ingenious and fantastically-executed magazine loading contraption that doesn't really feel like a contraption. I've seen loads of gadgets that pace up loading, but that is the one one I have tried that really masses rounds quickly. This is mainly because the Mag-Pump isn't just helping to stay rounds into a magazine, but is orienting and feeding each spherical with its patent-pending design.

The place I see the Mag-Pump being a huge success is at 3-Gun matches, NFA shootoffs, and with high volume shooters. Just like my McFadden Ultimate Cliploader for single stack 22 LR pistol magazines and Butler Creek 10/22 Magazine loader, that is the answer to taking pictures extra while spending much less time reloading.

From an operational perspective it really works great. My 15-12 months-old son figured it out in a matter of seconds with none instruction. I'll observe that you just can't just throw rounds into the hopper. They should no less than be lined up as within the photos. Typically it really works in the event you just dump your ammo in, however usually it prevents the rounds from loading smoothly.

I've discovered that the quickest technique to load the hopper is just slide in a full box of ammo or quickly line up rounds in my hand earlier than placing them in.

The Mag Pump will feed any 223 Rem or 5.56 NATO cased ammo, together with 300 Blackout, and is appropriate with all AR15 spec magazines.

Last Thoughts
That is a kind of superior merchandise that you hope takes off and becomes a excessive volume production product that everyone can afford. Proper now it may not be sitting on the shelves of your native sporting goods retailer, however it is available direct from MITUSA.

At $389 it’s actually not for everyone, but there will nonetheless be a lot of of us who will purchase one. I can see these being sold to every indoor range in the US and presumably the military.